Be a Better Ball Striker!

Did you know that all golf good ball strikers have one thing in common? Yes, they all have a good golf swing but there is the one fundamental of good golf teaching that virtually transcends time and it is “do not move your head”. To cut a long story short the human posture has 2 major components, on the top your spine is ground in your head and the lower end is grounded by your feet. So essentially “do not move your head” is just emphasizing the good posture required by a golfer to be a good ball striker.

Better Ball Striker = Golfer with Good Posture

This is so important that all golf coaches will constantly correct this flaw. It is so important that it applies to swings your drivers, fairway woods, irons and putting. It’s keeping your head still. It’s not really a secret that you have to keep your head still in order to maintain good golf posture so as to be a better ball striker. Good posture will also improve your putting too. The number swing flaw most beginner golfers make is moving their head. It is hard to judge that if your head has truly moved by feeling alone. You need instant feedback.

Instant Feedback is Required

GolfXion Be A Better Ball StrikerKeeping your head still is such important fundamental that you need to have to have someone constantly check it for your while you practice. Usually that would be your golf coach. If you practice without feedback then you highly likely to trying to perfect the inclusion of swing flaws which is why most golfer says “Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent”

Unfortunately, muscle memory takes around 1,000 hours of practice to ingrain which is why golf professionals are always playing golf and working on their golf swing. So for 1,000 hours of golf coaching time that adds up to be quite a big sum of money.

GolfXion is a swing monitor that does one function, it provides instant audio feedback when your head moves and it provides an immediate video playback of your head position. This way you can instantly review your last swing and this is how GolfXion helps to be a better ball striker.

GolfXion is designed to operate handsfree. When you remain sufficiently still, this signals the start of your golf swing. After this point, head movements will trigger an audio alert. At the same time, GolfXion will record the entire session between head still and head movement and let you review a video playback of your last golf swing. This will definitely be helpful in improving the posture aspect of your golf swing and hopefully make you a better ball striker.

On top of instant feedback, GolfXion will also help you to keep track of the number of golf swing and actual practice time.

GolfXion Be A Better Ball Striker
GolfXion is really the golf practice buddy that you have been waiting for. So let’s download GolfXion and groove in your swing with video feedback. Remember it takes 1,000 hours of practice to build muscle memory needed, don’t waste your golf practice time by practicing to make your flaws permanent. GolfXion is totally different from other golf swing analyzer which caters to the golf coaches. GolfXion is created to help amateur golfers like you and me. I hope that GolfXion will make you a better ball striker. Please write to me to share your successes.

GolfXion Be A Better Ball Striker