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GolfXion, You can be a better ball striker

This is how GolfXion helps you be a better ball striker. Making good contact with the golf ball requires that you maintain a stable posture throughout the golf swing. Look at the tour players on their good day. Their head do not move until way past making contact with the golf ball. This what all good ball strikers must do. It is no secret that your head is connected to the spine and grounded by your feet. All you need to have good stable posture is to not move your head. GolfXion is written to help provide instant feedback when your head moves. So if you only get notified of head movements only after making contact with the golf ball then you are on your way to being a better ball striker.

Instant Audio Feedback and Immediate Video Review

GolfXion uses the front facing camera of iPhone and iPad to notify you when your head has moved. GolfXion detects that you are about to start your golf swing when your head remains sufficiently still, which automatically starts the head movement detection mode. After this GolfXion will play an audio alert when your head moves. GolfXion will make a video recording of the entire session between the auto-start and the head movement, and this video will be automatically played.

Handsfree Operation

GolfXion will then automatically go back to detecting the start of your golf swing. GolfXion will continue to repeat this entire cycle until you exit the detection mode. GolfXion operates totally handsfree once you start it in the detection mode.  GolfXion gives you instant feedback on head movement in order to improve the effectiveness of your ball striking.

Constant Frame of Reference Required

In order for GolfXion to detect head movements, your iPhone and iPad must be mounted on a stand as a constant frame of reference is required. Please click here for our blog on suggested stands. Stands are inexpensive and they are a great investment if you are really interested in being a better ball striker. You can erect your stand anywhere that is safe to do so. Some even use it at home to practice the putting on a putting mat.

Is GolfXion for Beginner Golfer?

If you are the beginner golfer looking to learn how to golf then the first you should do is to start by looking for a good golf coach that can teach you the good golf fundamentals such as good posture, good golf stance, how to hold the golf club. After coaching you have to practice your golf swing to groove your swing and this is where most beginner golfers start to develop problems as often they practice to groove in their mistakes. This is why most golf coaches insists that you practice under supervision so that they give you the proper guidance and hopefully you can one day achieve the perfect golf swing. When you are more settled down in the fundamentals of golf then you are more likely to practice on your own , this is where GolfXion comes in to help provide the instant feedback on the most common of swing flaws, head movements! Of course, GolfXion does not attempt to alert on all swing flaws like rushing the golf tempo, overly weak grip or strong grip and so on. GolfXion gives you an immediate video review that plays automatically after your golf swing so that you can see what you are doing. However, do not look at the iPhone and iPad while you are swing as must be perfectly focused on the golf ball. That is one of the most important habit for good golf posture. The perfect golf swing is about the perfect harmony of the golf club being swung around the central axis of the body, i.e. the spine, in a more rotation like manner. Anyway, the author is probably more a big fan of Ben Hogan Five Lesson and you find his book here, if you like to see what is taught by one of the world best ball striker.

Safety is Very Important

There must be sufficient space between the golfer and the stand holding your Apple device. (NOTICE: The author will not be held responsible for any damages and/or injuries whether intentional or accidental that occur when using your Apple Device in such a manner)

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* For the best experience the latest iOS 7 is required.
* Advertisement free.
* Handsfree operation with instant feedback.

NOTICE: This App requires Face Detection in video mode. iPhone 4S and below and iPad 1st generation are NOT supported. Please check the technical specification for your Apple device and look for Face Detection in video mode before purchase.



GolfXion Be A Better Ball StrikerGolfXion Be A Better Ball Striker






GolfXion Be A Better Ball Striker